Medicine Line Renewables Ltd. was formed to identify and develop solar PV projects in Western Canada. With the current focus on sustainability, we believe that solar energy offers an opportunity to create value, support communities and diversify the local economy.

$52/MWh - Full Year 2018 (24x7)

$55/MWh - Full Year 2019 (24x7)
$50/MWh - YTD Estimate 2020 (24x7)

DAYTIME Pool Price (16x7)

$155/MWh - Jan 2020
$39/MWh - Feb 2020
$47/MWh - Mar 2020
$30/MWh - Apr 2020 (Covid-19 impact)
$28/MWh - May 2020 (Covid-19 impact)
$40/MWh - Jun 2020 (Covid-19 impact)

Credit: AESO