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Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (Norton Rose Fulbright presentation):

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements ( blog):

"A financial PPA (often called a Contract for Differences) involves a flow of cash between the renewable generator and the business.  The following are some financial terms that the parties might negotiate, though the terms of each financial PPA would be tailored to meet each side’s business objectives.  The business and renewable generator agree on a term (say 15 years) and a quantity of electricity (could be a fixed amount, be all of the project’s generation, or be based on the business’s electricity consumption, perhaps with a minimum volume). The business could also acquire the RECs related to the renewable electricity. The parties then agree on a price per MWh with perhaps an escalator/indexation over the term – this is called the strike price. The business agrees that if the strike price for the contracted volume of electricity is greater than the Pool Price for an hour then it will pay the renewable generator the difference. Similarly, the renewable generator agrees that if the strike price is less than the Pool Price for an hour it will pay the business the difference. At the end of each month, the aggregate net hourly difference over the month is calculated and paid by one party to the other party."

Kent Howie and Bill Woodhead - Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

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